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The Signal Season of Dummy Hoy 

by Allen Meyer and Mike Nowak 

New York Deaf Theater

Gene Frankel Theatre, NYC 2014


"...The Signal Season of Dummy Hoy is an admirable achievement.” 

NY Theatre Now Review  by Sergei Burbank

“…And the authors and director of Dummy Hoy excel in the scenes that marry theme and action, that reflect the weakness of conventional speech and sound to create meaning…”

Review by Scott Klavan

“[Captioning] allows for the inclusion of all audience members while still giving them the space to interpret what they see…”

StageBuddy Review By Carly Mento


The Signal Season of Dummy Hoy

 Interview By Reviewfix

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Creative Team:

Scenic Design & Props by Neil Mills

Lighting Design by Marry Ellen Stebbin

Costume Design by Patricia Ordonez

Sound Design by Elliot Danvoren

Stage Management Team: Melissa Jones & Jessica Kidwell

Fight Captain: Blake Wales


Dummy Hoy/Charles: JW Guido

Speaker Hoy/Kathy: Stacey Lightman

Frank G. Seele: Jon Wolfe Nelson

A.C/Buzz: Liarra Michelle

Judge: Ben Prayz

Dooley/Dave: Baltsar Bekeld

Tommy: Stephen Zuccaro

Woodrow: John Maddaloni

Tyler: Max Roll

Mutt: Sam Ogilvie

Press/Radio Producer: Blake Wales

D.S: Kelly Kirkley

Old Dummy Hoy: Robert Traina


Production Photos: Conrado Johns & Neil Mills

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