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Marlee is director, theatre artist and devisor whose collaborative work focuses on inclusivity with a strong visual aesthetic. In her work she utilizes dramaturgy, projection and fuses sight with sound. Marlee passionately strives to create innovative and accessible theatre for all. 

As the child of a deaf adult, Marlee has an inherent understanding of visuals as a means of communication. Marlee grew up identifying with the world "storyteller" whether interpreting for her Dad or acting on stage. Marlee innately recognizes how the body can physically express thought and intention. She has carried this into her directing aesthetic to tell stories with strong moment to moment work and visually arresting stage pictures. Marlee leads a production process with dramaturgy research, concept images, and understanding historical context to articulate why it is essential to tell this story today.

Marlee has worked as a Director, Dramaturg, Artistic Associate, Producer and Educator. She has worked with Roundabout Theatre Company, Underground Skills Exchange, Adelphi University, Westport Country Playhouse, Chautauqua Theatre Company, New York Deaf Theatre, Lark Play Development Center and Powerhouse New York Stage and Film. Marlee earned her B.F.A from Adelphi University.  

Photo: Jon Taylor Photography

Image Description: Marlee, a cis gender white woman with long brown hair looks into the camera, smiling. She is wearing a dark purple shirt with a black blazer, black slacks and pearl stud earrings. She is holding her right hand in her left hand, wearing a ring and light mauve nail polish. She is sitting on a dark brown arm chair with her right elbow leaning in the arm of the chair. 

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