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Photos C: Underground Skills Exchange

Image Description Image One: Marlee is standing at a black metal music stand inside a rehearsal room with a golden yellow curtain in the background. She is looking down at the script that rests on it, as she is speaking and holding up her left hand. Her right hand holds a page of the script and a yellow No.2 pencil. She is wearing a dark blue button down dress shirt. The Stage Manager is standing slightly behind her, and next to white coat hooks on the rehearsal room wall. 

Image Description Image Two: Marlee's back is to the camera, as she holds her right arm out as if pointing with her yellow No. 2 pencil. She is wearing the same dark blue button down shirt in image 1, and in the same rehearsal room with the golden curtain in the background. Her hair is to the left side, her neck and right ear visible.Blurred in front of her is a woman at a music stand, wearing a red sweater with her hand on her hip. 

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