Roundabout Director's Group  

Marlee is honored to be an inaugural member of Roundabout Director's Group. In this group of early career and emerging director's Marlee is one of 12 members to be selected and invited to participate in Roundabout Theatre Company's pilot program 2019-2020. The group is led by Miranda Haymon and Jill Rafson.  



Image: Roundabout Theatre Company, Artists in Residency Page 

​The Chautauqua Young Readers Program  

In 2013 & 2014, Marlee worked as an Artistic Associate for Chautauqua Theatre Company where she helmed the company's artistic involvement with the institution's Young Readers program. Marlee staged and brought to life original works based off of the children's reading club book selections, for children ages roughly 6-10 (though she did have a four year old audience member attend Romeo & Juliet!). 

Read about the programing here: 

Young Readers' Romeo and Juliet Project Interview by The Chautauqua Daily

Young Readers' Wonder Interview by The Chautauqua Daily 

The Chautauqua 'Fore Play: Pre Show Discussions 

While working at Chautauqua Theatre Company in 2013 & 2014, Marlee participated in crafting the pre-show discussions for theatre patrons and led all discussions in 2014, as she was the Artistic Associate & Production Dramaturg for the CTC 2014 Season. 

Here's a bit on the 'Fore Play Discussions:

The Chautauqua Late Night Cabaret - Chautauqua Theater Company 

While working at Chautauqua Theatre Company as the Directing Fellow in 2013, Marlee directed the final production of the season: the Late Night Cabaret.

Read about it here:

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