The Signal Season of Dummy Hoy


"...The Signal Season of Dummy Hoy is an admirable achievement.” 

NY Theatre Now Review by Sergei Burbank

“…And the authors and director of Dummy Hoy excel in the scenes that marry theme and action, that reflect the weakness of conventional speech and sound to create meaning…”

Review by Scott Klavan

“[Captioning] allows for the inclusion of all audience members while still giving them the space to interpret what they see…”

StageBuddy Review By Carly Mento


The Signal Season of Dummy Hoy: Interview By Reviewfix


The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde:


“…a truly unique and impacting experience..”

StageBuddy By Carly Mento

Daily Motion News Coverage of 'Jekyll & Hyde' in Celebration of NYDT's 35th Year
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The Chautauqua Young Readers Program: 


Young Readers' Romeo and Juliet Project Interview by The Chautauqua Daily

Young Readers' Wonder Interview by The Chautauqua Daily 

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